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Sculpt Your Body with the Venus Factor Diet

venus factor Do women have a harder time losing weight than men? John Barban says yes. His digital program The Venus Factor examines the role hormones play in weight loss and fat burning for women. The key to succeeding with weight loss, according to Barban, is to improve your body’s response to Leptin. Fat burning is tied directly to Leptin activity. Leptin is a hormone which helps regulate the appetite and metabolism. Leptin is what makes your body feel full. Check out Mary Miles’ summary of other Venus Factor reviews if you want to see what other women think about it.

Although women’s bodies have twice as much Leptin as men, females have higher levels of Leptin-resistance, which leads to a slower metabolism and makes it harder to lose fat. Women tend to store fat in their midsection so they can nurture babies even in times of famine. They store fat in the hips, thighs and butt. Barban’s unique program allows women to reshape their bodies in twelve weeks.

The Venus Factor will give you a defined, sexy shape if followed correctly. Strength training is a critical part of the Venus Factor. You perform three strength training sessions three to five times each week for twelve weeks. Sessions range from 20 minutes to an hour, depending on how long you rest between sets. A workout session can be split into two smaller mini-sessions if desired.

Strength Training Benefits

A pound of fat-free tissue burns 14 calories a day while a pound of fat only uses two to three calories per day. When you lose weight, part of that is muscle mass, cautions Samuel Rimmer, an exercise physiologist at Wellness 360, a New York City-based wellness consulting company. Strength training is critical to weight loss. Adding muscle moves you toward a more defined body shape.

Exact Calories Needed to Consume to Lose Weight

Another positive aspect of The Venus Factor is that it explains the exact number of calories you need to consume to lose weight. There are no restrictive diet rules with this program. Most traditional diets are too restrictive and force the body into starvation mode, which sabotages the dieter. This program also uses the Venus Index, which is calculated using your height, waist, and hip measurements. It gives you specific goals to improve your physical appearance.


The Venus Factor sets women up for successful body reshaping through a powerful combination of diet and exercise. It is a reliable, long-term approach that gives women exactly what they need to make over their bodies and their lives, one session at a time

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